CSW-44 Railway tractor


The CSW-44 railway tractor is a self-propelled vehicle with a diesel engine, used to move on tram lines as well as to load, transport and unload tramway rails, catenary pillars, vehicle segments, ballast, sleepers and other pavement elements. It is also capable of transporting up to six members of working staff and performing tasks like cleaning (with the use of a scoop) ditches, catch basins as well as mowing the grass on slopes and sideways. The tractor is equipped with a cabin with two control seats, tilted load carrying body, hydraulic crane, power generator unit and mobile lighting pillars.


Total weight 200 kN
Total length with couplings ok. 12660 mm
Maximum width 2360 mm
Transport height about 3400 mm (without pantograph)
Engine power 123 kW (2500 obr/min)
Maximum speed 50 km/h
Track gauge 1000 mm
Maximum gradient 50 ‰
Minimum curve radius 18 m
Maximum superelevation 100 mm
Electric power supply systems 380 VAC, 220 VAC, 24 VDC

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