WMS-01L + PWMS-01L tram catenary lines maintenance vehicle


The WMS-01L is a railway vehicle with an isolated mobile platform for working at catenaries of up to 750 V DC as well as with a contact wire positioner. It is used to maintain and repair the driving network, power lines, suspension elements, inspecting the tramway catenary network and to transport people, equipment, tools and materials. It is designed to transport and cooperate with a PWMSL-01L trailer, which allows complex repairs, maintenance and manufacturing of new catenary. The trailer is equipped with a crane, cable drums with brakes, power generator, line lifting roller and a small load carrying body.


Length with couplings 9800mm
Width 2390mm
Height 3770mm
Complete vehicle weight 18000kg
Maximum speed 65km/h
Two-axle bogies 2szt.
Ability to negotiate gradients 60‰
Wheel pitch diameter 660mm
Maximum track superelevation 150mm
Minimum curve radius 16m

Photo vehicle