UCS-40.00 Universal railway tractor


The UCS-40.00 Universal railway tractor is a self-propelled, four-axle vehicle with hydrostatic propulsion. Depending on the design, it is used to: a) conducting maintenance, repair and manu-facture catenary devices. Furthermore, by using a hydraulic crane of 44 ton capacity, it can be used to place foundation for catenary illars. b) servicing, maintenance and repairing of railway catenary lines by using the available devices: mobile platform, double positioners for contact wires and carrying cables, catenary line lifting rollers and pantograph with measuring system.


Track gauge 1435 mm (1520 mm, 1668 mm)
Total lenght 18240 mm
Distance between pivots 12600 mm
Height 4645 mm
Engine power 522 kW (653 kW)
Maximum speed 100 km/h
Driving from both control cabins
Maximum crane capacity from 9 tm to 44 tm
Carrying body capacity 15 t
Towing weight at V=80 km/h 250 t