PS-00.M/B Maintenance train


The PS-00 M/B maintenance train is a self-propelled, double-unit vehicle with hydrostatically powered cars. The train is designed to provide repair and maintenance of catenary lines and el-ements in its vicinity. It also makes possible to carry out work at supporting constructions of the contact lines located within clearance gauge up to 7,1 m. The vehicle is equipped with the fol-lowing devices: fixed platforms, mobile platform, hydraulic crane, catenary line positioning ma-chine, pantograph with measuring system, support rollers and hydraulic winches.


Track gauge 1435mm (1520mm, 1668mm)
Total lenght 25880mm (12940mm+12940mm)
Distance between axles 7500mm
Height 4300mm
Engine power 240 kW
Maximum speed 80 km/h
Driving from both control cabins
Maximum crane capacity 9 tm
Towing weight at V=60km/h 40 t
Safety equipment DSD, automatic braking system for trains, RS (train radio system with radio-stop function)