PH-81.10 hydraulic platform


Hydraulic platform type PH-81.10 is equipped with two rotary drum stands and two displace-ment rolls for tension lines. In the basic version, the platform does not have propulsion but it is equipped with a generator and a diesel engine for hydraulic control of drum stands, rotation of drums and lifting of displacement rolls. It also has a generator for lighting the platform at night, charging batteries and operating electrical tools. All movements of working parts of the platform are radio controlled. Other options of platforms can be provided with individual propulsion for working drive (re-mote control) with the speed up to 7 km/h.


Track gauge 1435mm (1520mm, 1668mm)
Total length 10000 mm
Distance between axles 6000mm
Height 3500mm
Wheel diameter 920 mm
Power engine for hydraulic system 81 kW
Maximum towing speed 100 km/h
Load capacity 6 t
Maximum cable drum diameter 1650 mm
Maximum cable drum width 1000 mm