TMS-40.01 wagon for loose materials


It is used to transport and unload ballast and other loose materials, especially waste and soil collected from other machines. Capacity is 70 t (40 m3). Floor shift speed up to 0.5 m/s, rotary conveyor speed - 1m/s. Distribution range is 6.5m from the track axis. Transport speed - 80km/h. The machine has independent propulsion from a diesel engine and is controlled by 1 operator. The machine can be placed in a train set of any length.


Total length with buffers 19370mm
Distance between pivots 12730mm
Total height 4079mm
Track gauge 1435mm, (1520mm, 1668mm)
Maximum speed 80km/h
Unloading range from track axis 40m3
Unloading time 6-8min
Own weight 37000kg
Wheel pitch diameter 920mm