OT-800.01 ballast cleaner


Machine is designed to clean full layers of rail ballast during the technological process of main and medium repairs on various stretches of a railroad. Maximum cleaning depth is 500mm under sleepers. Maximum cleaning efficiency is 620 m3/h. Machine has a mechanism for lifting ans slewing of the track, ballast container and a system for distributing clean ballast allowing lowering the track down to 150-200 mm. It also has a measuring system for maintaining the position parameters of a sleeper. The machine is self-propelled and is operated by 4 people.


Maximum efficiency 600m3/h
Cleaning width 4,15 do 4,40 m
Cleaning depth under sleeper 0.9 m
Minimum excavating depth under the sleeper 0.25 m
Excavation chain speed 0 do 3.5 m/s
Chain drive power 250 kW
Maximum track lifting height 200 mm
Maximum slewing value 200 mm
Working speed 2700 m/h
Minimum curve radius 150 m
Maximum transport speed 80 km/h
Admissible speed while in a train set 80 km/h
Power source Diesel engine with turbocharge, Caterpillar 3412 DI-TA
Total length with buffers 42.90 m
Maximum width 3.10 m
Maximum height 4.60 m
Total weight about 128 t