OS-1 stationary cleaner


The OS-1 stationary cleaner is a non-automotive rail machine used for stationary cleaning of ballast that was previously collected from below the track. It is designed to collect the contaminated ballast from the loader with a scoop width up to 3.5m at a minimum height of 3.3m. It also has stepless control of the collected ballast that is distributed on the 1m wide conveyor belt, which moves it further onto the vibrating screens. After ballast is cleaned, it is moved through a chute and conveyor belt and the impurities are moved onto the heap or other transport units. The cleaner is designed to be powered from the main catenary or a power unit of 60kW, ensuring efficiency of about 400m3/h.


Maximum machine efficiency 400 m3/h
Scoop height from rail head 3,3 m
Scoop width 3,5 m
Clean ballast distribution distance from track axis 6 m
Clean ballast distribution height about 3,5 m
Vibration frequency 18,5 Hz
Lower screen mech size 25 x 25 mm
Screen gradient - variable 15 and 20 (degrees)
Power intake 50 kW
Total length with buffers 19,5 m
Total height 4,6 m

Photo vehicle