ZT-250 BM Scraper


The ZT-250 BM scraper is a self-propelled machine used to scrape ballast from track shoulders towards the track axis and to uniformly distribute, form and shape the ballast heap as well as to collect ballast excess from the sleepers and moving it towards the shoulder. The scraper is propelled by a diesel engine of 147 kW power, which allows independent movement up to 80 km/h and working speed of 15 km/h. The working components of the scraper are: central plough, side ploughs, scraping device with a rotary brush and two lateral conveyors. Driving and control of ploughs and scraping device is done from a spacious, ventilated and heated cabin.


Track gauge 1520mm
Vehicle length 13050mm
Width 3050mm
Height above rail head 3500mm
Distance between axles 5850mm
Weight 26t
Transport speed 80 km/h
Working speed 1-12 km/h
Speed while in a train set 80km/h

Photo vehicle