WM-15A.03 motor car


The WM-15A.03 motor car is one of the WM-15A series, additionally equipped with an assembly cherry picker, powered by an independent diesel engine. This cherry picker allows performing assembly and maintenance works by two people (picker capacity of 200 daN) at heights up to 11m from the rail head and at a range up to 4.5m from the track axle. The bogie with a cherry picker retains all its traction parameters as regards to the maximum speed, towing power, load carrying body capacity etc.


Length with buffers 12,74m
Distance between axles 7m
Weight 22 tons
Load carrying body dimensions (height× width × length) 0,6m × 2,6m ×2,8m
Engine power 141 kW
Maximum speed 90 km/h
Track gauge 1435mm

Photo vehicle