WM-15A.05 motor car


The WM-15A.05 motor car is a vehicle used to conduct inspections, repairs, painting and maintenance of bridges and railway overpasses. This is done with the help of a special SVABO LIFT device which has two rotary mechanisms that allows working from a cherry picker of 215 kg capacity, at a height up to 5.5 m and below 7 m from the rail head. The picker's basket has an electrical cord of 230V current for powering the tools and a water hose for high-pressure and high-temperature cleaning of objects. The bogie is powered by a diesel engine of 141 kW power, locked with a hydrokinetic transmission which allows movement at up to 90 km/h and a so called slow drive at 0-5 kmh controlled from the picker's basket. The bogie has an electric power generator of 15 kVA, a cleaning unit of 150 bar pressure, elastomer buffers, disk brake and a spacious, ventilated and heated cabin for the operator and 5 crew members.


Length with buffers 12,74m
Distance between axles 7m
Weight 22 tons
Load carrying body dimensions (height× width × length) 0,6m × 2,6m ×2,8m
Engine power 141 kW
Maximum speed 90 km/h
Track gauge 1435mm

Photo vehicle