WM-15S.13 motor car


The WM-15S.13 motor car is a vehicle designed to transport 16 rail fragments of 12.5 meters in length which are within the vehicle profile. This is done on track of 1520 mm gauge. Other long objects, such as catenary pillars or long beams may be transported as well. Additionally, the bogie has a load carrying body of 5.5 m3 capacity. The bogie has a hydraulic crane of 8 ton capacity, which can be used to load or unload transported materials. The crane is has various equipment, such as a rail traverse. The bogie's propulsion allows independent movement up to 80 km/h, pulling sets of up to 80 tons and shunting sets of up to 700 tons. The cabin has two operator seats and 6 seats for the working crew.


Length with buffers 12,74m
Distance between axles 7m
Weight 22 tons
Load carrying body dimensions (height× width × length) 0,6m × 2,6m ×2,8m
Engine power 141 kW
Maximum speed 90 km/h
Track gauge 1435mm

Photo vehicle