LM-400.00 Shunter


The shunting locomotive is a self-propelled, single-unit diesel vehicle. It is designed mainly for light shunting works on the sidings as well as technical and emergency works in subway lines. It can also be used within the same scope at the railway sidings, industrial plants, harbors etc. Those works can be done by the locomotive in its own or in a set of locomotives controlled from one spot, thus performing a so called multiple traction.



Total length 8990 mm
Distance between axlesi 4400 mm
Height 3650 mm
Track gauge 1435 mm
Engine power 400 kW
Max. self-propulsion speed on a straight horizontal track 40 km/h
Wheel pitch diameter 920 mm
Number of drive axles 2 (Bo)
Minimum curve radius 70 m t
Springing Leaf springs with additional coil springs and dampers
Total machine weight 34,3 t
Direct current electric installation 24V