Rail bending machine RS-306


The rail bending machine is a device for creating railway and tramway curves, as well as for rail straightening using the continuous rolling method. The bending machine can create curves of a minimum radius R=16 m. The force of the machine allows bending works on RI60, S49, S60 rails and D180/105 rail profiles.


Minimum bending radius 16 m
Maximum bending force 300 kN
Speed of rail travelling (infinitely variable adjustment) 0 ÷ 9,5 m/min
Engine power of the travelling propulsion 7,5 kW
Power of electric engine for the hy-draulic feeder 2,2 kW
Total quantity 6
Number of the powered rolls 4
Diameter 340 mm
Total travelling of the bending rolls ± 150 mm
Total length 2750 mm
Width 3140 mm
Height 1600 mm
Weight ok. 5000 kg

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