NHC device for sliding over track


The NHC device for sliding over railway track is used for lifting and sliding over tracks laid on both wooden and concrete sleepers as well as station and mainline tracks and on single and multithreaded tracks. The sliding device is a non-self-propelled vehicle moved along the track manually on rolling wheels, equipped with a hydraulic pump powered by a diesel or petrol engine of 6.6 kW power. The hyrdaulic working set allows lifting the track at a height of 0.6m at the speed of 0.03 m/s and sideways at 0.13 m/s. The transport of the NHC vehivle may be done on any transport machine or by towing on rails at maximum speed of 30 km/h.


Track gauge 1435 mm
Load capacity 140 kN (14t)
Efficiency 340 m/h
Maximum lifting height 0,6 m
Maximum cross traverse 0,15 m
Maximum lifting speed 0,03 m/s
Hydraulic system pressure 7,89 MPa
Oil tank capacity 27,00 dm3
Max. speed of travelling 0,127 m/s
Maximum power at 3600 rpm - 6,6 kW (9,0kM) at 3600 rpm
Start-up manual or electric
Fuel consumption 178 g/KMh,
Fuel tank capacity 4,6 l
Dry engine weight 54 kg
NHC dimensions:
Length 1250 mm
Width 1870 mm
Height 1600 mm
Weight 715 kg
Maintenance 1 operator

Photo vehicle