UWR-10.01 turnouts replacement machine


The UWR-10.01 turnouts replacement machine is used to replace turnouts without using a crane. It allows for the turnout to be replaced without dissassembly, both on wooden and concrete switch sleepers. It is also possible to replace the turnout by using a auxiliary track and bogies as well as using the “step by step” method. The gate capacity is 10 tons, step rate of 500 mm, lifting height - 1200 mm, bogie capacity - 10 tons. The number of bogies and gates is 6 units each with a possibility of increasing that amount. Maintenance - 1 operator per 1 set (bogie + gate). The machine is not self-propelled.


Machine type UWR-10.01
Track gauge 1435 mm
Maintenance 6 to 8 people
Types of the replacement turnouts S49; UIC 60-190-1:9 300-1:9 500-1:12
Switch sleeper type wooden, metal, concrete
Gantry lifter capacity at 10 t, lifting height 1,25 m, cross traverse at 0,5 m
Propulsion unit diesel engine of 9 KM power

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